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Originally Posted by louisgriffin View Post
i'm getting a bit confused. there are many different versions to download on this page.
Originally Posted by Smurf View Post
Iam with you louisgriffin, I am ready to try this out now that I have some time, and am not sure which one to grab!

Thanks for all the hard work on it!
Thank you and sorry abouth the confusion, this is the latest version:

[EDIT: Removed link to minimize confusion on what the current version is]

... and it's a late beta, meaning it should work pretty well but there are a few small quirks to sort out.

Originally Posted by jamieson1974 View Post
Jonas, your plug in works beautifully here. Great work. Thanks so much!
Thank you! I'm so glad you like it.

Originally Posted by imloggedin View Post
This is great! Especially for free. What would make it ALOT better is if you could browse for samples though.
Yeah, that would be great. Unfortuatley that's not possible in Jesusonic plug ins (yet..?), but do support this FR if you want to make it happen:

... until that comes true, try making a shortcut to ...DATA/DrumReaplacer in the left panel of the Media Explorer, I find that very handy.

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