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I've had some time to help my friend's bend out with some poorly recorded drums.
They've tried it with Drumtracker from Toontrack, but had limited success/quality of tracking, I believe also due to using presets without fine tweaking.
So I engaged Reagate with it's wonderful frequency filter (To separate and emphasize certain drum)and Reaeq, fine tweaked them and sent the signal to DrumReaplacer, loaded Pipeline's samples, made some tweaking and voila....
I don't have to explain, how easy I can do MIDI out of this now

Here's the demo link of few bars...

I'm not saying, that Toontrack's Drumtracker is bad (Also has visual control of tracking), but we have a free altREAnativ here and working GREAT!!!!

So Pipline and others;
Please, please, please, do some more samples!!!

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