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Originally Posted by pipelineaudio View Post
If you chose an audio input track, it automatically builds sends to whatever tracks you specify in the rows of live configs,
AHHH !!!!

I never understood the "input track" stuff in LiveConfigs. Hence I never used it (and failed to describe it in the User Guide).

Now finally I can update that part of the Guide. Thanks a lot !! (Even though to me, this "input track" feature seems like another shortcut that just adds confusion - similar to the "control channel" checkbox in the midi device setup (for complex projects) ) .

But as you see with my setup, "input track" is not necessary.

So - as far as I understand your desired "instrument" - just kill the "input track" (and the "mute/unmute track") options in LiveConfigs and do all the switching via the "Midi Volume" plus "Slider To CC0" JSFXes, doing the routing from your audio input track to your FX chain tracks statically be Reaper means.


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