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Originally Posted by pipelineaudio View Post
and still preserve CPU, ...
AFAIU, only muting the track would allow for preserving CPU. Muting the "send" will not do anything on that behalf.

Do you want me to add the "send CC when output is muted" feature to MidiVolume ?

Originally Posted by pipelineaudio View Post
its all so confusing!
No it is not.

Now the structure you want is very clear.

- Use an "input" track (not in LiveConfigs ! This just is the name)
- route same to 8 "worker" tracks
- mix those down for your output

Each worker track
- starts with a "Slider To CC0" and then a "Midi Volume" plugin
- after this you place your effects.

LiveConfigs pushes appropriate presets onto the appropriate "Slider To CC0" instance when entering and leaving a row to trigger the smooth routing and "spillover".

Optionally (not when using spillover)
- Midi Volumes sends out a CC when the ouput is completely muted
- same is propagated to the control path by MidiToReaControlPath
- an Action learned to that CC mutes the tracks (saving CPU)
- to unmute such a track LiveConfigs needs to trigger an appropriate action when a row is entered
- beware that the CPU saving option stops the track in action. Hence any "spillover" will occur when it is ummuted a long time later ! So this might not be a great idea, at all.


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