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Ok, I was able to make it where activate action was to send a cc to turn on the channel and deactivate turned it off. No glitches! Kickass

I figured it would probably be better to combine it so that one actions sent one channel to 0 while it sent the other channel to 127, but it didnt seem to make the switch any better.

Either way, it seems like the ramp up doesnt start till the ramp up was almost all the way down.

It would be nice to switch faster, but this is usable as is. Setting it so that both sliders of MIDI Volume control were at max seemed best.

I figured also that this would work better at the end of the chain, owing to the nature of distorted guitar sounds, but it still seems better on input.

IF and kind of big if, but if the computer could handle all the channels being unmuted, this is the end of story (aside from possibly faster switching). It would be nice to have more action slots but macros certainly work, if not as conveniently

It seems to me like the two big killers here are unmuted tracks and routing.

The more layers in the routing chains (track 1 sends to track 2 sends to track 3) the higher "RT longest-block" grows, which seems to be the indicator of when problems are going to happen.

Also there are tracks with tails and tracks without, tracks without tails seem to be perfectly suited to muting after the volume goes out. Tracks with tails are the problem ones, so they could remain unmuted
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