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Originally Posted by timbralzoom View Post
a little?
did you saw this having Modulators inside the Stripper part?
EDIT: "Faderbox Modulators"
Yes, I really like how Stripper now has the drag-n-drop from the fader list. What would be really cool, is if Stripper had it's own modulation system, similar to the way morph-looping works, but for individual parameters.

You could select one, or maybe even multiple parameters and then right click which would bring up a modulation dialog where we could select the type of curve (sine, square, tri, sawUp, sawDown) and then maybe a user input field where we could enter our own math formulas.

The reason why I'd like Stripper to have it's own mod. system is because I like using REAPER's playrate to influence the inner workings of plugins that have sync functions. The downside of using REAPER's mod. system is that if you speed up/slow down the playrate any assigned modulations also do the same.
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