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Firstly, It doesn't severely sacrifice performance whatsoever, particularly if you're running an SSD.

Secondly, I have 4 machines running ALL with filevault, and as someone who relies on those machines professionally to earn a living, filevault is huge piece of mind for all my hardware for not only my own personal data but for my customers also.

Only applicable to a Bank CEO/FBI Agent - what a stupid thing to say, this whole post is really scare mongering beyond belief and pro-actively promoting ignorance and ill-advice to fellow users that is not to their benefit.

If you've some firsthand experience of this happening, then by all means relay it back. But in my experience after having a mac stolen at a live gig i was so glad that i had the security offered to me enabled, and certainly no 'real world' performance impact. So let's not push out such alarmist information based on hearsay, eh?

Maybe it would be more reasoned to offer the suggestion that if anyone has experienced slow down after a period of a few days from updating or installing MacOS (i.e. after things have settled) to then look into whether Filevault is enabled, as a possible issue?

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