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I stopped after the first bits about it being possible to commit physical theft over the internet and magic instruction sets that execute in zero time. Sorry, I don't think you're trying to troll me and there's certainly some miscommunication or typo at the root of that but still...

I'll simplify it: Don't invite trouble!

Do understand that security measures designed to protect against physical theft are sometimes a priority. Use them when appropriate. Don't use them when performance and/or data integrity is the priority.

Aside: I suspect what got a little confused above is related to integrated chip level security like that available in some of the secure flash memory (like that used to store encrypted EFI passwords). There will come a day when perhaps everything is made like this in a way that supports performance. It would be premature to treat OS based hard drive encryption this way.

Care to explain to the last guy who lost the recording of his last project and further had to come for help with a machine that would no longer boot how he's still better off with this enabled? Yes, he screwed up by 1. not catching it on day 1, and 2. really screwed up by clicking that OSX update button before backing it up. That IS the root screwup! So don't invite trouble.

Want the 'conspiracy theory' version?
Apple is being accused of doing this intentionally to really hit anyone still using a spinning HDD for their system drive (as originally came stock in many of the pro machines they used to make) so they can tell them they need to buy one of their new disposable models. I think they're just good old fashioned screwing up on this one too but it's getting harder to make Rube Goldberg-like excuses for how it's still innocent as they devolve.

Anyway, the trouble stories I've told are all real episodes. I'm suggesting 'better safe that sorry' approaches to prevent disaster and erring on the side of caution. Operator is a thing for sure but it isn't reasonable to get dinged for it like I see going on with this current OSX release.

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