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Originally Posted by Skijumptoes View Post
Are you signed up for the right accounts with Apple, for developers and server ops there's tons of in-depth documents for us, plus higher level help if you need it, although they're not all accessible publicly, it's easy to sign up for.
Yep. I've got two dev accounts. But, no, there's a lot that isn't documented. SMB behaviour in High Sierra, fi. Authentication to the cloud, fi...

As for the uninitiated, i think that's part of the the problem that Apple have had to dumb things down, or hide things up for the masses. And spread OSX/MacOS thinner than it ever has been. It just comes with popularity, it's like people who give Windows a hard time, it's an incredibly well written OS that's just a victim of it's own success.

Bottom line though, for me personally OSX, and MacOS is still really good, barely see an issue, and any issues i have to sort are normally driver, user or some kind of internet browser add-on causing havoc. Very rare will it be intrinsic to MacOS itself.
Having lived through so many systems (from OS 4 to OSX 10.13) I can see how things used to be different. Apple used to care for cross-platform accessability of data. Ever tried to get pics from a Photos library on another OS? Or read a Pages document on Windows? Or...

And that's just one example where Apple no longer cares.

In my experience, many corporate users love it when a machine goes wrong anyway, and they do all they can to get the system to fail so they can shrug their arms up and eat from their 'graze' box. Never been involved in public sector/edu work though, but in the UK that used to be a money pit and spending was through the roof - but things have changed recently with Govt spending over here, so not sure how that effects many of the creative Edu installs, who may have a strong Mac bias.
In education, yes. But the kind of user I encounter, is unable to work without their Mac and will come in over the weekend to get things done. They get depressed when their machine isn't working.

Macbooks are twice the price of our Windows laptops. They also last twice as long. Only, that's not due to superior hardware. Ir's due to their users taking far better care. Only about a quarter of Macs get stolen or lost, compared to Windows machines. You'd expect thieves to prefer Mas, seeing their resale value. I've got several Windows users who play football with their machines, or leave them out in the rain.

I use around 6-7 browsers for testing web deployments, so i have many running - however, i always come back to safari. I haven't a clue why, as it's undoubtable that Chrome is better, particularly if testing web stuff (It doesn't get stuck in a loop if javascript is wrong for example). I just use Safari for no logical reason whatsoever, i think i've seen so many overloaded Chrome installs that i immediately relate that to it, perhaps! ...I really don't know why i use it.
Several other browsers have one process per tab too now.

Yeah Logic 9 was weird, it was active, then they went quiet.. Then it went App Store and had a mini push again, and then LPX popped out of the blue!!

Must say i love LPX, but it has so many of the old cogs running, and which is why i'm reaching out to Reaper for a while to see how it runs. And i must say i love the flexibility, customisation, but most importantly it seems to fit my workflow so much better.

Really miss the components in Logic though, but i'm building them up via third party deals that i'm seeing around the internet.

I've also got Studio One Pro as it came up super cheap if you already own a DAW like Logic, think it was like $100 or something silly on offer, and also recently got a Cubase License so trying that. But right now, i'm snagged up with Reaper as it does a lot of good things, most important is SysEx for my hardware, Studio One won't even handle that. As a multi-machine user, I'm hoping i don't have to go Cubase, because the Dongle thing!

I bet, as usual, i'll end up running back to Logic within 2-3 months, but time will tell! There's so much to love and so much to hate with Logic.
I'm not a musician, so all the samples and stuff in Logic don't mean much for me. But the musicians I support love it.

Again, i don't know why, but i reach for pages when i'm writing some technical docs or instruction manuals for some new software build and EVERY TIME i hit an issue, a feature that has been removed, i mean really silly basic things that Pages cannot do (Like moving pages!!!!), and i think what is going on.
TextWrangler for me

But then you learn that the whole app(s) has been reduced so that they have IOS and MacOS in sync with one another. Which is cool, not for me personally, but i get that a lot of people love that - however, you're left to do that same old thing with Apple where they knock the tower over and then you have to wait for them to rebuild it again so you can get back on to working on the higher floors!!

I'm still between them Mac/Linux/Win, and i'm not really fussed what i use if i'm honest, not such a big fan as windows but that's mainly as i run virtualisation of real machines for work, so i don't have a straight up 'windows' machine to really appreciate it's added grunt from my CPU's.
Win10 seems OK. But the last time I had to work on Windows, for about 6 months, I had font problems. In all browsers and in Filemaker Pro. First page of lists was OK, second page wasn't readable. Spent lots of time on the phone with HP, who kept sending met to MS, who kept sending me to HP. drives me mad.

Right now, it's shame Reaper doesn't have good MCU support for Mac users, as the Klinke add on is only for windows users. If i really enjoy using Reaper, then for that reason alone i may be jumping to a windows machine for my music. I don't want to, but i'm really not biased one way or the other if it gets the job done.
Scriptability and rich solutions for odd problems is what keeps me with REAPER. I don't have a control surface, but I'm thinking of building one.

Yeah i still run a few PPC's, basically to manage some old MIDI hardware i own - and some astrology software (geek out lol), i love the old 08/09 Mac Pro's - those 12 core upwards are killer beasts for the money, i may start collecting them as i've seen some go for silly money.. .Like 100 UK pounds (140-ish).
These are good. I still have a few G4's, for data recovery on older SCSI drives and a G5, running REAPER 5...

I don't know if you see it like that, or Apple are just money grabbing swines.
Of course Apple are money grabbing swines. Just like the rest. It's the corporate world, isn't it?

How does that work for you? I've often wondered with WINE, particularly with the Mackie MCU/Klinke thing. Does it give near true performance if you were to put windows on that same box do you know?
Performance is good. It's drivers for gear and plugins that are problematic.
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