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Many thanks pljones but unfortunatelly I have the some results.

I think your first thout is correct, I noticed that ninjamsrv process is running many time with different pid numbers, even with the terminal off and actually I dont know how to stop it! that's really odd.

I just re-booted the computer and doesn't complain anymore about the port:

NINJAM Server v0.01a ALPHA built on Jul 7 2005 at 14:26:31 starting up...
Copyright (C) 2005, Cockos, Inc.
Server starting up...
Port: 2049
Using defaults 120 BPM 8 BPI

but just stoped here waiting for something, what I suppose to do now to complete the sturtup?

also how can I stop the process, if I quit the terminal the process still gos on and if I try again, onther process starts and obviously start complain again. The killall -HUP ninjamsrv command at bottom of the setup guide doesn't work.

Looks that this guide for Mac is quite dated as the ninjamsrv is a PPC process, any chance for new guide for intel mac osx?

Thanks for your patience.

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