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Originally Posted by mviljamaa View Post
I'm pretty much just reading nFrames in.
I was thinking of whether I need to check for silence or something and not read anything to the buffers if the input is just silence.

Is nFrames == 0 when there's no audio?
Are the in** and out** buffers empty or what if there's no audio input?
No. When there is "no audio" your plug-in gets fed zeros in its input buffers. If there really is nothing for your plug-in to do (e.g. when it is bypassed), then your ProcessDoubleReplacing() is simply not called at all.

Originally Posted by mviljamaa View Post
Any ideas?
Well, it is hard to say without diving really deep into your code, but I think what is missing is that your internal input and output buffers should be asynchronous FIFO queues, which I don't think they are right now. Consider this typical scenario, where the host happens to feed you blocks of 63 samples, but you want to process blocks of 64 samples:

1. The host sends 63 samples, so add them to the input queue.
2. You need 64 samples, so you can't process them yet.
3. The output queue is still empty, so output 63 initial zeros.
4. The host sends 63 samples, so add them to the input queue.
5. Process 64 samples (63 from step 1 + 1 from step 4), remove these from the input queue, and add 64 processed samples to the output queue.
6. The input queue now holds 63+63-64=62 samples, which is too little to process another block (if it would be enough, then you would have to repeat step 5).
7. There are more than 63 samples in the output queue, so thee is no need for initial zeros anymore.
8. Output 63 samples, and remove these from the output queue.

Notice how after step 8 there will be 1 sample left in the output queue, which we will output the next ProcessDoubleReplacing() call. I don't see how your current code would handle such leftovers.

I guess I could hack together an example that does all this if you think that would help...

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