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Originally Posted by mviljamaa View Post
Ok, here's a significantly simplified code that does the same as the original one (lol?) and I still get the same problem.
Now it should be pretty obvious to spot, where the error is?
Sure. Implement FIFO queues (i.e. a buffer with head and tail) instead of plain buffers...

Originally Posted by mviljamaa View Post
Could it be related to the in** and out** pointers? I'm assuming that they always start at 0 (i.e. they're of the size [channel][nFrames]) when the processDoubleReplacing is called, but might it be that they don't, i.e. they're accumulated between processDoubleReplacing calls? So at some processDoubleCall the incoming nFrames may start from in[channel][s], s > 0, rather than in[channel][0].
You assume correctly, they always start at 0.
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