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Originally Posted by mviljamaa View Post
So it does apply the hamming relative to the audio input file and not the host samples?
Or, equivalently, shifting the sine wave also shifts the data[0]=0.0 point?
Well, only if you also shift the playback cursor, so it starts exactly at the beginning of the item containing the sine wave.

Originally Posted by mviljamaa View Post
I tested the code with "static", i.e. not moving any file around. And there it seems to work correctly.

Originally Posted by mviljamaa View Post
This problem is so odd. Like something really depends on the host samples and not the incoming audio, but why it's so?
I don't know how to better explain than I already have:
Originally Posted by Tale
This is because immediately after loading your plug-in the host starts processing it, and most hosts will just keeps on processing continuously, whether you start/stop playback or not.
But why should this be a problem anyway? If you want to apply some sort of FFT processing, then exact alignment really doesn't matter.
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