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Some options there... just to note .

Click on the def/min/max and color / preset fields to change those numbers.
Must hit ENTER for them to register.

face Preset 1-4 just have different "lighting", you input the color and alpha.

(i know the alpha display is bugged) Alpha is 0-1. (will likely change to 0-255 value)

The color needs to be a packed RGB value... cause I was just lazy.
for RGB values of 0-255. b+g*256+r*65536 - should get you there. Or convert a hex code to decimal with windows calc.

Color needs to be a HEX value. 000000 = black FFFFFF=white FF0000=red - for example

5-12 ? are defined... it's a bit of a mess.. need to make good presets at some point.

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