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Originally Posted by pcartwright View Post
First, this is a very useful script. Many thanks to those who contributed to it.

Second, does anyone know if this script can expand or compress CC items over the x (time) axis? I know the script can do this on the y axis, but I have a need to compress some of my CC mappings/recordings.

If not, is there another script that can do this?
The function is inbuilt.

To do this:
1. Draw a note for the duration of the CC's you want to stretch/compress.
2. Turn on 'CC selection follows note selection'
3. Use the stretch tool (default modifier = alt/opt)

Here's a quick demo.

If you only want one lane to stretch/compress:
1. Cut the CCs you want to keep as is.
2. Do what is needed i.e. follow above instructions.
3. Paste back the un-altered CCs that you previously cut.
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