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Originally Posted by eugen2777 View Post
Thank you! I now develop a simple interface (universal scripts and JSFX). I see one thing related to automation. Maybe this will be useful for You. I used slider_automate() function to link parameters. It also simplifies the option of saving presets.
Thanks for pointing this out. I didn't realize that manipulating sliders only in @gfx cause the "last touched..." to not work properly.

I ended up creating functions that take care of this nicely - caching into memory and looking for changes. Call at the beginning and end of @gfx


function begin_gfx_sliderautomate(i,buff)

function end_gfx_sliderautomate(i,buff)
  buff[i]!=slider(i) ? slider_automate(2^(i-1));

loop(totalnumberofsliders, begin_gfx_sliderautomate(i,buff); i+=1;);


loop(totalnumberofsliders, end_gfx_sliderautomate(i,buff); i+=1;);

As far as internal presets, I'll serialize and recall the values as strings - much of what the preset will need isn't even tied to a slider. (like all the internal gui options)
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