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Default First Time Reaper User...

What's up everyone, I just downloaded Reaper yesterday after using FL Studio on and off since Fruity Loops 3. During the last couple of years, Iíve gotten back in to producing music as my hobby and in that time, I have bought some MIDI interfaces for a richer experience.

My goal is to learn Reaper from the ground up. Iíve started by watching the Kenny Gioiaís tutorials. Kenny, if you happen to read this; your high level knowledge and incorporation of different techniques to access the same functions within the software is what other DAW tutorials have been missing. I love your in-depth explanations and at the end of each lesson, I jump right on to the next step because you leave me wanting more.

I canít wait to learn more of this amazing DAW. The customization, extensions and additional plugins Reaper provides is crazy. As each day goes by in the 60-day evaluation period, Iíve decided to put away $1 and buy the license because Iíd be stupid not to!

If anyone out there has other outside of what the tutorials provide, Iíll be more than happy to take whatever pointers and advise for noobs you have. Please feel free to send your knowledge my way. I look forward to becoming a part of the Reaper community!
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