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just thinking about the interaction of actions and surface - all of this might be obvious but just riffing...

for the surfaces to be maximally useful they need to be modal.

so modes need to be able to be set and indicated by toggles on the surface

we also need to be able to set what the surface controls from reaper with actions.

an action might assign the focused envelope to fader 1.

a macro could add reaeq AND open it on surface's faders for editing.

or a script might seek input from the surface: create a send and wait for a button press on a 'select' button to set the target.

a search field in a script could narrow down tracks and the results could be dynamically assigned to the surface.

in the mapping process selecting params from lists can block flow. it would be nice to be able to use text to map params - I could imagine an on-the-fly mapping window that prompts for knob 1 and accepts a dynamic search, auto selecting and advancing when there is only one result so you type 'low gain' 'low q' 'mid 1 gain' to map first 3 knobs.

Likewise a command to set jog wheel function based on last action could be interesting. say you press zoom out twice... then invoke the command and the jogwheel is set to zoom. or trim item start etc.

I think a dynamic relationship between the contexts is whats wanted.
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