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Default FX on folder tracks more CPU demanding?

Hey Reaper folks!

I use folder tracks as busses a lot when mixing in Reaper. For example, I usually put all my drum tracks under a folder track called DRUM BUSS, which often also contains nested folder tracks (e.g. Kick Buss, Snare BUSS, OH Buss, Perc Buss etc.). I work like this mainly for two reasons; easy to mute/solo entire sections as this approach fits my preferred mix project layout (most of my client mixes creep up to around, or well above, 100 tracks these days), but also to apply general (often more CPU intensive) FX processing to the whole buss folder rather than on individual tracks.

When inserting more CPU-taxing AUs/VSTs on these folder tracks, I often get a lot more glitching/pops/clicks than if I use the very same FX on the ”child” tracks - I can get away with loads of instances of these FX on the child tracks, but may experience dropouts with just singular use on folders.

The most obvious occurrence is when I create a top master folder for all my other folder and tracks (i.e. a 2BUSS folder, nesting the rest of the project contents underneath), which then goes to my MASTER track. If I insert a buss compressor and EQ on the 2BUSS folder, the system occasionally gets bogged down quite fast. If I instead move these FX to the MASTER track, system runs smooth again.

Is this behaviour to be expected? I’m going to try routing stuff ’the old fashioned way’ and create AUX tracks with sends/receives for my next mix project, but just wanted to check if there’s something I’m missing here.

Reaper version is 5.33/64 bit on a Mac Pro 2012 with 3.33 GHz 6-core Xeon and 24 GB of RAM running OS X 10.9.5. My system, mix and audio library disks are on three separate SSD:s from Angelbird.

Many thanks for your time!

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