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Originally Posted by Mr. PC View Post
Could this be because the parent track is processing the effect on each child separately? For example, a compressor on the parent is actually compressing each child independently (like putting a compressor on each child)?
I'm confident that there is no such feature in Reaper.
ie. A plugin on a parent track having an instance of itself inserted on any/every child track behind the scenes (and remaining invisible). If there was, there would certainly be a switch to turn that on/off.

I'm pretty sure the only unique feature folder tracks have (besides restricted use) is the ability to be used as an organization tool to hide child tracks. (You can choose to NOT route child tracks to the parent folder and use then solely for organization. Then using standard send/receive routing normally.)

Seriously, try splitting plugins with high-ish PDC needs across multiple tracks. Just daisy chain route as needed. PDC does crash and this is the workaround.
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