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The effect buttons currently have redundancy in design - check box along with darkening of the whole button/text. One of these would be sufficient.

I would suggest removing checkboxes. That would lead to more space for an effect name. Also, checkboxes does not match anything in design. In studio one, they are clickable and the design match the on/off of the whole chain.

Another thing is the design of colors - track mute have blue color but fx chain mute have red color and efx chain un-mute have blue, completely contrary. Plus, master send un-mute have red. No color have definite meaning.

I would suggest maybe:
fx chain on = orange; fx chain off = red
fx on = orange; fx off = red; fx offline = gray
track mute = red; track solo = orange(yellowish)
width slider(and knob) = non-red
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