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How do I perform some action on Reaper exit or when calling Control surface: Refresh all surfaces (41743).

When I start Reaper before my controller, control surface plugin won't work, until I go to Options/Preferences/"Control/OSC/Web", then press edit on plugin, then press "OK/OK".
Running 41743 action doesn't help.

I would also want to turn down all LEDs and clear the LCD upon Reaper closing.

Tried placing some code into both class destructor CloseNoReset method - no effect.

And I need Reaper to automatically pickup newly created midi ports, like any DAW does on osx (I'm on Win10).
For now, if I turn off my midi controller, it's port disappears from Preferences/Midi devices. When I turn it back on again, I can see controller's port in the list oа еру devices again. But, Reaper won't respond to the controllers commands until I perform Reset all MIDI devices (41175) action.

Is it possible to make Reaper do all this things automatically?
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