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Originally Posted by Phroneris View Post
Hi, this may be MIDI hardware output tooltip with a specified MIDI channel (%d).

...I rather cannot find where this is used:

ACEBA4F8DC7582FE=%s => %s
Hi Phroneris,

Thank you.

We seem to have the same problem here.
In my matrix I see the one MIDI output column to the hardware device. In addition to that I see 16 columns to MIDI outputs for each MIDI channel of the same device. If I now route the MIDI output of a track to a specific MIDI channel, say, track 4 called "Bass" to channel 5, the string, you couldn't find, is used when moving the mouse to the position where the row of track 4 and the MIDI devices output channel 5 column meet. It might show something like
4. Bass => channel 5: <MIDI Device>
whereas the string on the right hand side of "=>" seems to consist of some substrings itself.

On the other hand, if I do the same, but instead of clicking on a specific MIDI channel in the matrix, right-clicking on the MIDI device column (thus opening the track routing window) and route MIDI to channel 5 from within the window, the channel 5 column in the matrix will be selected immediately although not clicking there. Therefore I won't see the string I couldn't make any sense of. This cell (the one for all channels) is only marked, if the MIDI channel isn't changed, but in this case it still uses the tooltip string you couldn't determine what it is used for.

Hope, my explanation (or what it should be) isn't too clumsy.
(I'm not even sure if it's completely right. )

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