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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Whoa! what phone? Didn’t realize you could get Android to run linux apps...
Hi Justin!

Yes you can , but it has to be rooted. There's an app called Linux Deploy which install linux distribution of your choice to virtual disk image, which is then mounted and chrooted to your Android shell.
Then you can login and access this installation using SSH (JuiceSSH) and VNC (VNC Viewer). It behaves like a regular arm linux installation and all available packages for that architecture can be downloaded normally through apt/yum/pacman.

You can also connect to it from your PC by either connecting the phone to your wi-fi and entering the phone's IP address or creating a hotspot straight from Android. Building from source is also possible, but you may need protobuf libraries and depending on CPU speed it might take a while.

The above installation was tested on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 with 4GB RAM.

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