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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
But however you turn this, it's a miracle... You are running plugins meant for another OS in an application...

IMO it would be good if reaper could include this, as it's most likely very important to many users, and Wine will just keep on improving so there are good chances that more plugins will start working.
Yes, it's a miracle and almost a necessity at this point.

The clock is ticking to Jan. 14th 2020, with hope and luck, progress could be made before that deadline.
(That date marks the end of Win7 support from MS). The lack of updates isn't disconcerting, but soon afterwards many devs will start dropping support for their software. So before that happens, I'd like to have the audio workstation migrated to linux with all plugins working if possible.
ReactOS might be better alternative in the end, but it's highly unlikely that it'll be anywhere beyond first beta by then.
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