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Originally Posted by brainwreck View Post
I think that direct support for windows plugins in Reaper sounds like a bunch of ongoing work, where instead, plugin developers should be targeting a linux native format such as LV2.
Current popularity of VST dictates that targeting its compatibility should be a priority. Even if LV2 was to become next-gen, and it rightfully should, the path towards comparable deployment is a long one. In the meantime, Windows VST support would be highly appreciated, but at the same time I understand the level of commitment required for such goal, especially since WINE already has a headstart.

Originally Posted by brainwreck View Post
Andrew479, that is kickass running a linux distro/reaper on a phone. So since alsa is being used instead of android's audio, does that mean that alsa supported usb audio devices should work with this? And I assume that the audio latency is much lower than with android audio.
Thanks. Yes, I suppose so, but for Lollipop (5.0) and newer, you might need disabling automatic routing in Developer options:

Also such device should be UAD1 or UAD2 compatible (e.g. no proprietary drivers required).
Another, more rudimentary problem with this is supplying power. In OTG mode, it's not possible to supply power for charging the phone, as long as only one port is offered.

I haven't tested the latency using softsynth yet (mainly due to limited selection of plugins available for arm), but it's in my plans.

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