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There is a point where it stops being Linux that is being used/wanted and it becomes Windows that is being used/wanted.

ReactOS might be what some want, an open source Windows, if they can get the bugs out.

Microsoft might go open source with Windows in the future, a long shot but maybe.

Linux is mostly a volunteer sort of thing so Linux won't attract many native plugin devs and it never has.

LV2 is not like AU on the Mac that has Logic behind it, so LV2 is pretty small and it might be good but it's mostly going to be supported by Linux volunteer devs.

LinVst etc are just occasional helpers with Windows vst's and not much more.

On Linux there are commercial vst's like u-he and also u-he and don't forget u-he.

There are some very useful native plugins for Linux including all of the Reaper ones.

If someone is using Linux mostly for Windows vst's then that's not really what Linux is about in the first place IMO but it can be done up to a certain point with limits.
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