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Originally Posted by foxAsteria View Post
Perfect! Thanks so much! This puts things in a very usable state for me, so I'll be testing a lot more extensively in the coming weeks. Man, it's so cool how easy ReaPack makes it to test and update stuff like this. Can't believe how quickly you put this together, or indeed that someone still exists to appreciate the workflow of Buzz enough to take the time! G/L with your other projects!
Buzz has the best workflow of all time, and will always be. Simplest possible interface but with power editing options. Add a break here and there, for variety, finished.

Looked very quickly to hackey machines, it seems what it does basically, beside all the pictured explanations above: For each box/machine it creates a new Reaper track, for each arrow it creates a Reaper send. In short hackey machines allows much more comfortable workflow with send adjustments. This is perfect if you are someone like me who almost never used Reapers built in sends extensively, as those settings are too difficult to access, quickly. For main send tracks, like 8 sends, I was using instead normal Reaper tracks as sends. Now I can continue using those, plus now hackey machines. Playing around with send fx should be much more fun now. Duplicate and modify is also fantastic. Thanks saike and all idea generators.

Hackey Machines installs under Scripts/Routing tools/MachineView

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