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Hey there mate, and welcome back! I messed around with the control settings and there's just a few things I'm still struggling with. I really need a way for right drag to pan the view instead of middle mouse. I just can't get used to it, since I use RMB navigation in my 3 most used apps and it's just ingrained in my workflow by now. I studied the script and saw how I could switch it, but I think the context menu prevents it from actually working. If you have a handy way to make this optional, that would be super helpful to me.

I noticed are that when the help info or other text is up, zooming and panning still happen, but in the background the results don't show until the text is gone. It's a little strange.

Breaking the connections says REM. Might be good to make it consistent with deleting machines (DEL)? To my mind BRK (for break) or DIS (disconnect) might even be more intuitive.

Would it be possible to have a square grid instead of rectangular (half as wide as now)?

Lastly, I guess the color opacity should be somewhat higher, maybe 75%? It doen't give very accurate results with either background color, currently.

Thanks, dude!
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