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Ghehe, thanks.

I did a lot of fixes and feature updates to this plug over the past few months. The main ones being:

- Added text outlines to help make text more readable.
- Added rmb on mute block solos track.
- Added extra F9 option for showing only routing of selected tracks.
- Added track color support.
- Added vertical layout mode (CTRL+F7). Note that this relies on you coloring your tracks in groups. Track with VCA in the name will always be placed at the top.
- Added word-wrapping for machine names.
- Show signal cable as active when manipulating signal
- Make doubleclick focus on first effect
- Suppress dialog when VST machine list doesn't exist
- Added modifier option to send audio to sidechain
- Added record arm toggle.
- Ctrl + doubleclick machine opens MPL Wiredchain (relies on it already being installed!)
- Alt + doubleclick opens FX window instead of just first effect
- Added ESC to close all floating windows (relies on SWS).
- Added a loader for the script (OpenMachineView.lua) which makes sure that the existing one regains focus or a new one is created when executed.
- Add signal flow highlighting
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