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Originally Posted by bFooz View Post
Lines coming into and also out from send nodes should be dashed.
I'm not a fan of dashed lines and I think it could look even more cluttered when there are many dashed lines crossing. What about different colors?

- highlight signal IN lines with modifier+mousehover. With a standard hover, highlight only OUT lines.
yes, this would be cool and could use different colors here too.

- machine nodes do not need shadows. They are cluttering the ui.
Haha, well it's like that in buzz, so that's why. I kinda like it, personally but maybe it's nostalgia. I was gonna suggest making them more transparent and further away though because I think it would look better. Perhaps it could be a variable that could be turned to 0 to remove them?

- calculate if the font is white or black based on the underlaying track's color. Do not use outlines/shadows.
I think that's how it was before, but it was often very hard to see against the track colors, so it ended up like this. Right now the border is a bit extreme, and I was gonna suggest making it the same color as the background to smooth it out.

- option to open FX chain (is that what "Open FX list should do?". It just opens the first fx, same as alt+doubleclick)
I had this problem too, but I don't anymore. Latest version?
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