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I've stopped holding my breath for this.

For me, Sai'ke's Hackey Machines already does everything I wanted from a modular routing environment. You can ctrl+dbl click on tracks to open mpl's Wired Chain.

Between the two, I'm not sure if there's any need left for a native system, tbh. Sai'ke and mpl are also far more likely to implement specific requests than Cockos anyway.

I was excited enough about this feature to make this thread, but now I'm not sure its worth the devs' time. Who knows when it will happen or if they will even see these suggestions. One thing is fairly certain though: A native Reaper modular routing system will NOT look anything like Bitwig's. A slick interface like that? Yea right. When has that ever been a priority here? Not unless we can manage it ourselves.
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