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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
No, this is regarding the builtin ability of reaper to firewall plugins, by running them as external processes.
I've never made any overrides on any of the plugins I use so they are all run as plain VST/VSTi plugins. If I were to set one of them to run as a separate process, is that when this would kick in and possibly improve something?

I'm not having any problems with any of my plugins, native Linux or bridged Windows, really just more curious about some of these feature bullets I see when they mention Linux specifically.

Yes I've also seen this, not sure where it comes from. Still IMO, as long as it's only when opening a project it's a minor annoyance I'd dearly like to get rid of all xruns in reaper though
I figure it's just the process of getting everything instantiated all at the same time causes it, and don't really worry about it.

Maybe Justin could add a one second delay before calculating RT xruns on the performance meter to let everything settle down.
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