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Originally Posted by Edison View Post
Hello Data,

It just didn't work for those two strings you displayed in red. But I also tested two other ways for one of the strings, and it didn't work either. Examples below.

CBE285DDEED94195=Default range:
E79C40C96A50EAC3= %d-%d bpm

4B2B2D1CDB2AA68F=Default range:
571CD0AAA28673A3D=%d-%d bpm

I also tested as path not only in [DLG_587] (working partially, as you had shown) See the picture. But also created for [DLG_278] and [DLG_287] and it didn't work.
Hi Edison,

Had a look at this. [DLG_278] doesn't exist in v5.979 and [DLG_287] is a dialog, holding neither a caption nor any other elements (yet).

Originally Posted by Edison View Post
If you can, take a look at this link: (and look at the picture)
For your info: I normally do no translation on 'dev' releases, because it happens ever too often that things change until new releases get into pre or even rc state.

Originally Posted by Edison View Post
Question: Did you get or create the code from this window for ARA?

[???????] (this code)
B5B044167DAD176F=ARA Analysis (Look at the pic.)

Thank you so much for your help!
Could it be, that this is the same dialog ([DLG_586]) where previously the string "ARA Progress" was used?

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