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Originally Posted by SmajjL View Post
.. no Depeche Mode?... m'key
This song is Worth the trouble, can't wait to hear v2
Working on it

Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
Nice and really cool tune! I hear all kinds of 80s influences there. There's one keyboard part that occurs that also reminds me of Rush/Subdivisions - took me awhile to figure that out so that's a good thing. I really dig the guitar solo or whatever that is.
Thank you for returning the favor

Yep, others picked up that Rush Subdivisions vibe. It wasn't intentionally but I guess me being a huge Rush fan shines through no matter what

The guitar solo thingy (totally agree that's the best description) is a guitar emulation plugin (Revitar) played on keys. However, I try to play notes a real guitarist would play, seems to work. Picked some things up about that from a Jan Hammer demonstration video from the Miami Vice era.
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