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Originally Posted by Breeder View Post
This is the reason I started to configure custom menus - not to forget things I used and found useful. In the end, I created REAPER ReWorked as a culmination of all the customizations I did. I can tell you I'm pretty satisfied with REAPER ever since I declared the whole configuration finished.

I'm actually doing music when I open REAPER these days. A MIRACLE!
ReWorked is a cool project, and I'm glad you published your work.

However, this does come back to another point I brought up. What if your project becomes more popular than the defaults? That's going to pose a fairly significant problem in culture, user support and put the developers in a strange place if they wish to adopt your work.

If your project becomes popular enough then that would indicate to me that it's possible (again, ReaMenus) to make a fairly significant improvement over the defaults.

But that comes with the pain of changing a lot of documentation, videos, tutorials, posts etc... So it can't be done lightly (or at all?).

It's a really strange spot for the developers to be in, but it is awesome that people like you even have the ability to do something about it.
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