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Originally Posted by toleolu View Post
You getting ready for the big game Glennbo?

Thinking I might be headed your way late spring, early summer, depends on my brother's schedule. Be great to swing by and check things out.
I'm actually not a football fan, even though I live in OU country. Must have been from being tackled at 9 years old and having my collar bone broken by the knee of a football fan kid in school. :/

OTOH, my neighbor across the street who's a liquor distributor was having a huge party with at least 25 big OU fans, and just like the lyrics in my song about neighbors hanging out on the lawn and partying all night long, we did exactly that!

Originally Posted by Jeffsounds View Post
Pretty cool tune! It has a 60s psychedelic rock vibe. I didn't really hear anything out of place on first listen.
Thanks Jeff. I probably mixed it fifty times before finally running it up the flag pole.

Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
"Not Found"
But "Play This" does work

Hehe, my eeevile plan has worked! I thought it would be funny to name a song 404 and use artwork that looks like a 404 error.
Hear My Music - Click Me!!!

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