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What do you want to do with the 4-track cassette?

If you want to make new music, REAPER replaces it - you probably won't need it. You will need some way to get music into REAPER - synths, mics, guitars, a mixer. Or you can play softsynths via MIDI, and just use your computer. If the cassette has good guitar/mic inputs, you might want to use it as an input to your computer's soundcard. Even if it's cheap, it's probably better than the mic inputs on the soundcard, and will certainly do a better job with guitars. In this case, connect the cassette's stereo mix out to the soundcard's line in. A better mixer or guitar preamp would be a step up from this.

If you already have music on 4 tracks that you want to mix down in REAPER, you should have a soundcard that has 4-channel input and a 4-channel cassette that has individual track outputs. Connect the cassette's track outputs, to the soundcard's inputs. Record your tape into REAPER, and put the cassette away.

If you don't have four outputs, or four inputs, but want to get four tracks into REAPER through a stereo soundcard, it can be done, but requires a bit of patience. Play tracks tracks 1 and 2 and record them in REAPER. Then, play tracks tracks 2 and 3 and record THEM. Now, solo both track 2's, invert the phase of one of them, and slide BOTH the second track 2 and track 3 until they phase into perfect alignment. Now, delete the second track 2. Record track 4 and track 2 again. This time, use the second track 2, inverted, to line up track 4.

Or did you have something else in mind?
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