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Originally Posted by b0se View Post
Just compared PNG resizing (Affinity: Bicubic) to full Affinity vector file:

The stop button is the PNG (10 seconds work), the pause button is the AD file (10 minutes work). You can see that the pause button edges are sharper—stop looking softer—but there's not much in it.

I think I may be use standard PNG resizing as it would save hours upon hours of work, and I doubt anyone would notice the difference without looking very critically.

The difference is subtle but there. What makes the adjusting the vector file 10 minutes of work versus 10 seconds on the .png? Sorry if it's an annoying question but I'd like to understand to either say, "hey, maybe there's a better way or some macros or an autohotkey script to get the time down" or just say "you know what, not worth it, resize the .png's."
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