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Default (FYI) buying RAM from ebay - beware of high/low density

Maybe this is a well known fact for others, but I was unaware of this until I recently stumbled over it, so I thought it might be worth posting.

Long story short:

I have a older mainboard (Asus A8V deluxe) which needs PC3200 RAM.

Hopping through ebay, I found some quite cheap 1 GB sticks (seemingly meeting the required specs)

When the RAM arrived I noticed it wasn't working at all and wondered why.
Starting a thread over at techsupportforum (nice forum for computer tech stuff, btw) they pointed me to the high/low density thing which I hadn't heard of before.

I indeed got sold high density RAM without explicitly saying so on the sellers page (yeah, there's a cryptic hint which I now understand).
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