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Originally Posted by sstillwell View Post
How did you wind up doing that to make it compatible across 32/64 bit? Macro changes like Apple does, or did you just #ifdef the whole section of code and reverse the index numbers?
I used a variation on Apple's macro:

#if __LP64__
	#define GET_COMP_PARAM(TYPE, IDX, NUM) *((TYPE*)&(params->params[NUM - IDX]))
	#define GET_COMP_PARAM(TYPE, IDX, NUM) *((TYPE*)&(params->params[IDX]))
And then:

    case kAudioUnitGetPropertyInfoSelect: {
      AudioUnitPropertyID propID = GET_COMP_PARAM(AudioUnitPropertyID, 4, 5);
      AudioUnitScope scope = GET_COMP_PARAM(AudioUnitScope, 3, 5);
      AudioUnitElement element = GET_COMP_PARAM(AudioUnitElement, 2, 5);
      UInt32* pDataSize = GET_COMP_PARAM(UInt32*, 1, 5);
      Boolean* pWriteable = GET_COMP_PARAM(Boolean*, 0, 5);
Etc. etc.
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