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Originally Posted by azslow3 View Post
There are still several big things which are not converted:
We (I and Cool) currently try to convert ProChannel EQ into ReaEQ (DAW project conversion by itself is a "new area", but converting one plug-in into another preserving the sound is yet another "new area")
Comping/take lanes and archived tracks are pending.
MIDI track properties (channel, bank, patch).
May be Sonar folders... I still have not decided, but for some projects that can be handy.
This is...astounding in its ambition. The ProChannel EQ doesn't even resemble the ReaEQ, does it?

I don't think you're (you, Cool, whoever else) getting enough credit for this, especially over on the Sonar forum. When in the history of DAWs have you been able to convert a complicated, full-blooded project from one format to another, preserving everything a user could reasonably hope? If it exists I've never come across it. I see this as a very unique opportunity to preserve or resurrect projects from a doomed (personal opinion, recent developments don't change the feeling) piece of software. I think you've created a real opportunity for people here.
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