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I actually really fucking hate that microsoft has that dialog at all. That ones the worst one. There's one a level up that lets you paste the path into it, and that brings you to the right place, but the dialog that's like that still sucks compared to the good one, which in my mind should be the only one anybody ever uses.

I hate those limited windows dialogs so badly. I also really fucking hate the stupid "libraries" shit they send you to, which is completely useless, and while we're at it, the way their search puts you in this weird "search folder" kind of thing, instead of easily letting you go to the source file location, and then browse your folders normally as though you got there by any other means.

Microsoft really grinds my gears sometimes.

I also don't know why any software developers ever use those useless dialogs microsoft has. There is one good one, and I don't see why one wouldn't always just use that.

That said, when it comes to programming stuff there is often a reason I don't see. But what it could be, idk.
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