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Trying this out right now, but I'm not really getting it... A tutorial video for the basic workflow would be great. ^_^

I'm not really interested in using this to trigger loops, but this seems like a quick way to sketch song arrangements. Not sure if I'll be able to accomplish what I'd like to do with this plugin though. Maybe you can consider the following as feature requests:

I would like to be able to select one of the cells, then press a hold pedal to trigger recording with preroll of a couple of beats (maybe also have it enable the metronome?).

Then I would play, say, a guitar riff, and press the hold pedal again. It would trim the clip to the closest bar length (8 bars for example), then start looping it.

Next I would select another cell, again enable the recording with the hold pedal, and record bass this time, maybe 4 bars. Again stop and it would trim & loop it to fit.

I'm not sure how to do this yet, or if it's even possible right now, but that would be an ideal workflow for me for quick sketching. I don't need separate recording triggers for separate cells, but instead one global trigger that would work for the selected cell.

Well, hopefully this is/will be possible with Playtime. It certainly seems like a powerful plugin. Thanks for working on implementing this quite popular feature into Reaper!

PS. Seriously classy website you got there!

PPS. "a CC-mappable action to record the currently selected slot" I see that this is already planned. Nice!
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