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sunaj, try using the virtual midi keyboard for that, as it allows for keyboard triggering

otherwise, look at some key->midi translators, like bome's, or glovepie


regarding launchpad support: helgo, please allow midi out (for LED) customization for custom/less common controllers like the quneo, lemur, and customized launchpad devices.

basically, FR: if a cell is occupied with a clip and it is learned to a midi note, send a NOTE ON for that note out for LED purposes upon load and/or upon "refresh" command (since many of these devices can browse away to different modes and will need their LEDs refreshed). if the clip is stopped or deleted, send a NOTE OFF. if the clip is playing, send NOTE ONs and NOTE OFFs at a tempo synced interval.

users can and will route this to the device LED feedback input as necessary -- trust us to do this. please don't go the ableton/novation way and seize command of the device LEDs.

if this is at all confusing, please reach out and let's talk

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