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Originally Posted by Aleksandr_Oleynik View Post
Is there (any) the ability to use the "NameTrack" in a local OSC messages -
/track/"NameTrack"/fx/1,2/fxparam/1,1/value 0.25 0.5

Maybe there is another solution?
(I may be mistaken, but I don't see what this has to do with the SWS extension per se?)

I don't think so, since local OSC messages use the default OSC control surface configuration, and that doesn't use this pattern.

I wouldn't know how to do this for non-local OSC messages either; I don't think the OSC action descriptions can be used in such a manner (but I may be wrong about that).

In any case, using track names as identifiers seems like a bad idea to me, since they are not guaranteed to be unique.
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