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Thanks for your instructions, I'm done trying for today though. Ninjam kept freezing on me. I was able to select JackRouter in Ninjam once though. Is it at that point that I should be able to see it under the connections in qjackctl? Jack never appeared as an option in Live however. In fact, if Live was already open, starting up jackd.exe would cause an error and fail.

What parameters exactly am I going to want to adjust? Will I want to increase the number of inputs and outputs with -i and -o?

I assume the ASIO Echo FireWire part refers to your specific interface/soundcard right? What would I want to replace that with? I'm using just my laptop which has no special soundcard, just ASIO4ALL.

Oh, and as far as registering both 32bit and 64bit JackRouter ASIO drivers, what does that entail? Would that be part of the standard installation? My Jack folder does have both a 32bits and a 64bits folder in it.

Anyway, thanks again.
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