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we can't assume git will be available on every computer
What means "git is available" if we need only one direct link to download (as X-Raym have for his own pack in his siganture)? Do you mean not every man has internet to download small file or someone use Dial-Up connection?

theoretical worst case scenario: a 10Gb theme repository re-downloaded every day
People install SWS even if they don`t need all of this stuff, but only ReaConsole, for example. I hardly browsed all known stuff in cockos forum, downloaded and unpacked as more scripts as possible. Final unpacked repo of 500+ scripts is 4MB (1MB zipped). And updates of whole repo could come monthly/half-year/never.

I may misunderstood you guys. Spreadsheet is just list of links + info, like just text database, right? If so I still think it is one more unnecessary stage for end user who wants to explore scripts stuff in work (not only by description), because a lot of them in the stash (for example spk77, it take me 5 hours to download/sort his scripts yesterday) which I guess you will refers from that spreadsheet will be in zip archive and it will needs to be unpacked firstly, then manually added. So that not means easy automated process of installation. It also will be hard to ask author of the content to use header, proper script titles, to fix bugs etc which all can be editable on git easily.

This is things that are printed on my ReaScript Pack page. (The last updates section is printed from the RSS feed of my spreadsheet).
(I tried to update page, it did work some time ago, last month maybe)

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