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This routing arrangement ought to do what is asked. (this is a diagram, not code)

[Midi Controller]-->Midi-->[OSCII-bot]-->Midi-->[MidiYoke]-->Midi-->[Reaper]

The only slight downside is that the OSCII-bot script would have to be written to process ALL the Midi output from the controller and pass it onto Reaper in addition to what is routed to MOTU. NB. MidiYoke is PC specific so on a Mac one would need a different Midi tool.

With a relative encoder then some thought might need to be given to whether the relative value is turned into an absolute value in OSCII-bot (depending on what either Reaper (Midi) or MOTU (OSC) was expecting), or whether the relative value is just passed through.

Alternatively in a different solution pattern OSCII-bot could be used to
  1. send commands to Reaper as OSC
  2. detect the OSC feedback from Reaper and convert it to "MOTU speak OSC" and send it onto MOTU using the following routing arrangement.

[Midi Controller]-->Midi-->[OSCII-bot]-->OSC-->[Reaper]-->OSC-->[OSCII-bot]-->OSC-->[MOTU]

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