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Originally Posted by gvanbrunt View Post
I've been on some forums and argued with audiophiles who think that $1000 POWER cables and commercial grade receptacles make an audible difference. These same "golden ears" have 0 treatment in the their room and are convinced they hear a difference.

It never ceases to amaze me how these guys spends thousands on equipment and don't even spend a nickel on their rooms - well maybe for their 10k audiophile couches etc that don't "ruin" the sound etc.

LOL ... yeah, it's a funny world.

For some reason I have a lot of Facebook friends who are into high end audio gear (either as a consumer / fan, or manufacturer, or both); I love looking at the pictures they post of very expensive looking tube amplifiers, exotic looking speakers, record players with intricately designed belt drives, and so on. But even if I had the money, I doubt I would spend it on all that stuff; though I might hire an acoustic engineer to design a custom built listening room, complete with acoustic treatment and everything.
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